Manual how to use Deferral function

Simple manual on how to use the online deferral function.

NOTE: If you are trying to finish deferral from 2020, you can find all necessary specific information in this manual below the general information about deferral.



  1. Deferral function is available for teams, individuals and KIDS.
  2. Deferral function can be use only if active events are available in the list of events.
  3. Deferral function can be used only once for one transfer for each event you paid for.
  4. Deferral function is available for transfer among events within one country only.
  5. The use of the deferral function is chargeable. If you change the race level (for example Sprint to Super) also the price difference between the categories.
  6. You have to use the same profile data to do the whole process of deferral.
  7. You should complete the whole process as soon as possible but not later than within 2 hours. Otherwise your preferred heat or even the whole race might sell out.
  8. You cannot use deferral function for HH, Ultra and TWP.
  9. Deferral function is available until the last Sunday before race.


How to use deferral in your profile

If you want to switch to a different race within the same country, the first step will be to log into your profile at

Then the first thing you need to do is to check the new race where you want to move your registration and make sure your desired start times are available for you. You can find the heat capacities by opening a new registration form for your desired race and checking the heat options. Do not create a new registration, only check the heats and close the registration form afterwards. If everything is OK with the capacity of heat waves, you can go back to your profile.

Click on „Registration“ in the top menu and you will see a list of your registrations (marked „List of orders“). Let‘s say you want to change your Sprint Liberec registration to a Sprint in Dolní Morava in Czech republic.

Click on the green icon with two arrows  under Order Edit column in the line of the race which you want to change.




Next you will be taken to a page where you will find a list of other available events.




Please, double check your selection, there is no option to reverse your deferral in this phase of the deferral process.


After you click on the confirmation button a confirmation message will be displayed and you will also receive a confirmation email about your change of the race in your email inbox. If you’ve chosen a race in a higher category (e.g. you had a registration for Sprint and you’ve chosen Beast) the system will automatically require a payment. This fee is including the price difference between categories and processing fee.

NOTE! This is not the end of the deferral process.





Email about deferral of a registration – sample.


Copy the „Code of race change“ which you received via email (in yellow frame in the picture above) and continue to register to the new race with this code. It will let you register for free. You have to use the same profile and same personal  data to make the new registration, otherwise the code will not work.

Paste your code to the Discount Code field in the section 3 of registration form.



Please, check section 5 of your new registration to make sure your code is correct and discount was applied. Any mistakes made here are not refundable.



After creating your new registration, you will receive a new email - confirmation of registration.  Check your profile to see if the new registration is visible.  After successful  deferral of race you should see the new race in your profile and status should have sing OK.

You have only 2 hours to make the whole process, otherwise you can lose your registration. If you wait and the new race or your desired heat sell out, you will not be able to register.




Teams and KIDS

The process is identical for all registrations – individual, team or KIDS.


Deferral from 2020

All registrations moved from 2020 to 2021 can only be used for races in 2021.  There are multiple situations regarding deferral from last year.


1) Postponed races

All registrations from postponed races were automatically moved to next year. If you had a valid registration, this registration will be displayed in your profile and it will be valid for the new date of the race. You can check whether everything is ok in your profile and on the start list which will be published when we will open registrations for the race in 2021.

2) Individual deferrals

The process is very similar to regular deferral described above, however you’ve partially started the process last year. To finish the profile follow these steps:

-Log in to your profile.

-Choose a race.

-System will generate a code for you, which you will receive via e-mail.

-Create a new registration.

3) Specific cases

If your situation is not described in any of these options or if you are having any problems with deferral, please contact our team via Zendesk.

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