Digital waiver - FAQ

What is digital waiver?

  • It is an electronic form of the paper version of the waiver, where the participants of our races give up certain rights.
  • This electronic form of the waiver, as displayed on this link, is considered equivalent in all aspects to the paper version of the waiver. By freely and voluntarily signing this electronic waiver, you declare that you have read, fully understand and agree to the contents of this document.

Does it replace the paper version of the waiver?

  • Yes, in the vast majority of cases it is. Exceptions are Spartan Kids race registrations and volunteers who will be required to sign a paper waiver. The last exception is the situation when you will register for the races on the spot on the day of the event and the technical conditions (internet signal) do not allow you to connect to the internet in order to make a digital waiver.

When will digital waiver be used?

  • Digital waiver applies to all registrations for 2023 and beyond.

When do I have to sign it?

  • Before the first registration for the race that will be held in 2023. It will not be possible to register without it. The system will prompt you to sign the given document, otherwise you will not be able to register for the race.

For which countries will this digital waiver be applicable?

  • Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania

How many signed waivers do I need?

  • Only one that applies to all races within the CEU (Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Romania).

For which activities/races will I be able to use it?

  • All of which are under the Spartan brand.
  • That means: Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra, Stadium, Charity, Night, also for Trail, Workout, Hurricane Heat.

Where and how can the waiver be signed?

  • From anywhere with internet access
  • You can use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • The signature itself can be done with a finger, an electronic pen, a mouse, using a touchpad.

What personal data will appear on the waiver?

  • Name, surname, date of birth and ID number.

What identification document can I use?

  • These are in particular: identity card, passport, driver's licence.

How long will it take to complete and sign the digital waiver?

  • It's very fast - it takes no more than 2 minutes. In addition, you only fill out the waiver once and it will be valid for the entire period, unless something changes in your personal data.

How long is the waiver valid?

  • The waiver is valid until its content is changed. For example, it is on behalf of Spartan if we change or modify the conditions stated in it - an example was the Covid-19 pandemic, which we had to work into the waiver. From the competitor's point of view, it can be, for example, a change of surname in case of marriage, etc., or the expiration of the validity of the identification document indicated on the waiver. Consent to waiver can also be revoked.

How to change data in digital waiver?

  • You can make the change through your profile. Once you log in to the registration system, select "Profile" in the top menu
  • Next to your name, select the first icon - Data settings
  • Now, you can then edit the necessary data

If I want to sell the registration, what happens to the digital waiver?

  • The digital waiver is tied to the competitor's profile, not to the race registration itself. Therefore, if you sell the registration to someone else, you will change the data in the registration and it will be assigned to a new profile. The condition is that the new owner of the registration also has a signed digital waiver. It must be established before the registration transfer transaction itself, otherwise it will not be possible to transfer the registration to it.

Can I revoke my consent to a waiver?

  • Yes. A withdrawal is possible at any time, but the validity of the withdrawal is only applied after the end of the last race for which you are registered. Alternatively, it is possible to sell registrations or create deferral codes. Then no race will be linked to your profile and the waiver will be revoked. If you want to register for the race in the future, you must agree and sign the digital waiver again.
  • You can do the act of revocation in your profile 

The electronic version of this document can be revoked at any time, with the revocation valid after the date of the next race for which you have purchased registration. What if I have two registrations and want to cancel the waiver? According to the text, the waiver can be revoked after the date of the next race, so the waiver is no longer valid for the second race?

  • The competitor must either wait for both races to take place or the competitor must sell the registration or obtain a deferral code to withdraw consent.

How do I sign the waiver for Kids and Kids Special races?

  • At the moment it remains only in paper form.

How do I sign the waiver as a volunteer?

  • At the moment it remains only in paper form.

Can I sign the waiver on race day?

  • Yes, the digital waiver can also be signed on the day of the race, but only if you register on the spot.
  • You can sign the waiver at any time of the year.

What to bring with you on the day of the race in order to get an envelope with a BIB number?

  • All you need is an identification document. Types of documents identity card, passport, driver's licence.

I'm doing registrations for my friends. They need to sign the waiver in their own profile, but they don't have a way to proceed?

  • First of all, it is necessary for the friend to set up a profile himself (every competitor must have his own profile), and he must personally sign the digital waiver. As soon as the signed digital waiver is part of the profile, it is possible to register for races. So only after that, you can complete the registration for your friend.

If I don't want to sign the waiver?

  • You cannot participate in our races without it.
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