Digital Waiver

Digital waiver replaces paper form of waiver which you know from races in Spartan CEU. No more burpees before picking up your BIBS, when you forgot paper in the hotel, or at home. Now all you will need is only an identification card and of course you need to know your BIB number.

You have to sign this waiver only once and then you have peace of mind forever unless you decide to cancel it or Spartan changes the content of the waiver.

This digital form of waiver, as you can see on this link, is considered equivalent in all respects to the paper version. By freely and voluntarily signing this digital waiver, you declare that you have read, fully understand and agree to the consents of this document.

You can revoke this version of the waiver on your profile.

Digital waiver is valid for CEU countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and is valid for all types of Spartan races - Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra, Trail, Charity, Stadium, Night race, Workout and Hurricane Heat.

However, it does not apply to KIDS or volunteer registrations.

To sign, you will need your details and identification (citizen's card, passport, driver's license).

The digital waiver can also be signed at the race day, but only if you will register at the race day. Digital waiver is required for registration.

Signature procedure

  • Open web page
  • Log in with your login credentials
  • If you do not have your own login profile, it is necessary to create one. Every STG member must now have their own profile!
  • Add information about yourself, as name, surname, address, contacts, and number from ID card
  • Confirm and go to the next step, the electronic signature
  • You can easily create a signature on your computers and smartphones
  • Click on the gray box and create your signature
  • Confirm and save your signature
  • Now it is done and you can register for the race you choose. 

Revoke your consent with waiver, or change your personal data


You can cancel your digital waiver or change the data on it at any time.

  • Log in to your profile
  • Press the three bars in the upper right corner and you will be presented with a menu
  • Select a PROFILE from the menu
  • Edit everything necessary on the right
  • Use a pencil (the first option in the circle) to edit your contact information
  • Use the arrow to download your electronic signature
  • Use the recycle bin to delete (revoke) the signed waiver, which you can sign again at any time, see the instructions above

Revoking or withdrawing the signature of the waiver can be done anytime, but it will be valid after the end of the last race you register. 


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