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The Best Team Building Experience You Will Ever Have. Valid only for the CEU.

98% Of Companies That Participate in Spartan Race Experience A More Effective Team Environment Within Their Organizations!


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• The minimum number of your team members is 4,
• write to us email:  if you want to sign up for your company team and we will give you a group discount,
• Your company team can be mixed from men and women,
• All company teams will run in the special heat called Company Heat dedicated to corporate teams,
• Do not forget to mention the name of your company in the registration form,
• All your team members should run with company logo on your tshirts,



What are the benefits of registering a company team?

• Considerable group discount.
• Simple payment by company invoice for all employees at once.
• After cleared payment employees can sign up in registration with free codes separately, company officials do not have to spend their time at all.
• Spartan Race is a real team-building where employees learn to support and help each other.
• Your employees will be in a better physical and mental form.
• Spartan helps improve the overcoming of obstacles in both personal and working life.
• Advertising of your company and your brand. The name of your company is visible long time before races in the starting list, the day of the races on your team's t-shirts and long time after the races in the results list and in the photos in our photo albums.

Just do it!

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