Rules, Guidelines, And Penalties For Spartan Race Obstacles


(Updated August 2023)

Rulebook can be found at this link: CLICK HERE

For additional language options, please see the translated versions at the bottom of the page. 

PLEASE NOTE: Rule book updates to reflect product/process changes for 2024 are coming soon!

2023 will see some major changes to our Spartan Race rules of competition. While these are all detailed in the rulebook we also want to highlight them here. 


Penalty loops for all elite and age group obstacles

All pass/fail obstacles during the elite and age group heats will only have penalty loops starting in 2023 (Except for Stadion races where the penalty will remain as 15 burpees). 


Two types of penalty loops may be used: either a running loop or a carry.

  • The standard length of all running loops will be 200 meters on flat terrain.
  • Modified loops (Loops with more than 25 meters of vertical gain or including a carry) will be 100 meters.
  • When the penalty is a carry the standard weight for penalty loop carries for all categories of competitors is 60lb / 27kg for males and 40lb / 18kg for females.

Open category competitors will be able to follow direction signage where a burpee zone and penalty loop will coexist. 

While the map while continue to only show the penalty loop where they exist for open racers, all AG and Elite racers will have penalty loops at all pass/fail obstacles as listed in the rules. 


New race format in 2023 

In 2023 we will be debuting a new 3k race format. While the race will follow the standard rulebook, there are a few modifications.

The race will be a knockout style race with 2 1k qualifying rounds followed by a 3k final round to determine the winners.  

Also all racers who sign up for this event should be able to comfortably to complete a 5k in under 20 minutes.


Obstacles changed to mandatory

Several obstacles that were pass/fail obstacles in 2022 will be changed to mandatory in 2023. The following is the list of obstacles that will be changed. (Note that the numbers are based on the new 2023 rulebook). 


4.3.17 4’ AND 5’ WALL 


4.3.19 BRIDGE 


4.3.21 GAUNTLET 

4.3.22 O.U.T 



4.3.25 AIRBIKE 

4.3.26 HAY WALL 

4.3.27 10’ WALL 

4.3.28 PIPE LAIR 


4.3.30 BOX JUMPS 

4.3.31 JUMP ROPE 

4.3.32 PUSH-UPS 

4.3.33 ROWER 

4.3.34 CAR HURDLE 


4.3.36 TIRE HOP


New Obstacles

The following new obstacles will debut in 2023:

  • Over Unders
  • Zig Zag Wall
  • Laser Pistol

with more being tested for inclusion in 2023. We will continue to add and update the rulebook as they become available. 


A correct burpee, as defined by Spartan, can be seen here:


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