What Is The Spartan Delta and How Do I Earn It?

The ultimate Spartan is the optimal blend of mind, body and spirit. To complete the ultimate Spartan Delta it takes more than a body that can endure and mind that can dare – it takes a warrior spirit that never dies. It takes willingness not only to change, but to grit one’s teeth for years, to be renewed by pain, and to be transmogrified by unimaginable challenges.

Commit to Resilience. Commit to Evolution. Commit to the Spartan Delta and forge your warrior spirit in steel.

Q: Where do I get my Spartan Delta Pyramid Display?
- The Delta display must be purchased on the official online store. 
Q: What if I live outside of the US, do you ship internationally?
- We can ship Delta pieces internationally as long as you provide a phone number during the registration process.
Q: How do I earn the SGX Delta Piece?
To earn the SGX Delta piece you must attend one of the following courses:
- A Spartan Obstacle Specialist course (one-day live event) OR a Spartan SGX Workshop (two-day live event or online). 
Q: Do I need to become a fully certified SGX coach to earn the SGX Delta Piece?
No, you do not need to become a fully certified Spartan SGX coach to earn the Delta piece. You just need to attend one of the previously mentioned courses.
Q: When do I get my SGX Delta Piece?
You will not receive your Delta piece at the event. You will receive it via mail within 4 to 6 weeks after completing your course. 
Q: Can I receive a Delta Piece by attending a Workout Tour event or a class led by a Certified SGX coach?
- You will not receive a Delta piece by attending a Workout Tour event or by attending a workout/class led by a Spartan SGX coach. 
Q: Does the Spartan-X Program count towards the Delta?
- Yes, Spartan-X has it's own wedge piece on the delta.
Q: How long do I have to complete the Delta once I start?
- You complete the Delta at your own pace. There is no set time constraint on finishing the Delta! However, only events from 2016 forward will count toward your progress. 
Q: Is there any specific order I need to complete the different events for the Delta?
- You can complete the Delta in any order you wish.
Q: What are the Spartan Delta Icons?
- Every venue will offer an etched steel Spartan Delta Icon. In the three corners of each Delta side there are three spaces to hold three Spartan Icons. 
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