Spartan Kids Special; A Heat Dedicated To Special Needs Racers

Spartan Race is excited to offer a special needs heat at select venues this year for KIDS Race. To sign up please head to the Spartan Event Page and find the event you are interested in.
  • The online registration fee is $10, and
  • The (race-day) onsite registration fee is $15.
    (This includes entry to the event, a T-Shirt and medal for the racer, and entry to the event for a parent or caregiver, along with an additional spectator pass.)
The Spartan KIDS Special heat is an obstacle course race designed to test resilience, strength, stamina, and ability to overcome adversity. Sports are a universal language which unites people on and off the field of play, cutting across lines of race, ethnicity, education level, social status, and economic background. The Special Needs Spartan Race paves new ground by increasing collaboration, decreasing stigma, and raising awareness. Most importantly, we provide a safe and structured athletic event where individual differences are embraced and where children and families feel comfortable to express themselves and engage fully in the Spartan community.
Attention: Each kid must be accompanied with guardian or parent whole time on the track.
“Generally” ages 4-15.
          Date             Venue
  • 4/1          Veszprém HU
  • 4/8          Liberec CZ
  • 9/24        Krakow PL 
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