How Do I Get My Free Future Race / Troubleshooting

In order to receive your free future race with no delays:

  • Make sure you check in and out at the designated Volunteer Check-in Area. On build, load in, load out and set-up days, this is basecamp with the Building Manager. For packet stuffing, this is with the Registration Manager. On race days, this is at the tent (or other specified volunteer area) with the volunteer team.
  • When you check-out, be prepared to let the coordinator know whether you intend on racing at the same event (where applicable) or at a future event. You won't receive a free future race code if you tell us that you want to race at the same event!
  • If you are racing at the same event you volunteer, you will pick up your bib at the volunteer bib booth (you will not wait for a code.) 
  • If you opt for a free future race instead, a free race code will be sent to you within 1 week of the final race day of the event. The code will be located in the COUPONS tab in your Chronotrack account.
  • Plan to stay for the duration of your shift. Your free race may be withheld if you do not complete the shift in its entirety. 
  • Ensure you ALWAYS sign up to volunteer with the same name (your real name) and an email address that only belongs to you (the same email every time.) Once you sign up to volunteer (or race), you will create a Chronotrack account. All of your volunteer shifts, paid races, and free race codes will be connected to this same account, so please do not use different names when you volunteer and race. (This is the #1 reason people have trouble finding their code!)
  • If you are owed a free race from volunteering at a past event, please email and include your FULL NAME, EMAIL and THE RACE YOU VOLUNTEERED (LOCATION AND DAY.)  Once we review our records, you will receive a Chronotrack Code to register within a week.
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