Where Do I Find Results And Photos From My Race?

Want to see how you did? 

  1. Head over to our Results and Recaps page 
  2. Select your event (or search, using the search function in the upper right)
  3. Check out the results


While you're on your event's results page, check out the photo gallery.

  1. Once you have your event, select a photo ZONE from the drop down. (if you raced on a Sunday, be sure you select a zone with a "SUNDAY_" prefix)
  2. After you select your zone, photos should load and you will be able to search by your bib number or a specific time frame. When searching by time, select a time that you estimate you may have been in a particular zone. The Fire and Gladiator zones occur near the finish line, so if you use your finish time, you should easily be able to find your photos from those zones!
  3. If you tried searching for your photos and could not find any, or experienced any technical difficulty, please complete this form and we will assist you. Please provide a detailed description of yourself so we can easily identify you if we can't find you by your bib number. If possible, include identifiers like visible tattoos, team shirts, bright colored clothing, etc. Please note searching for your photos is a manual process, so allow a couple extra days to receive your email update from our team.
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