2019: Global Points System

The 2019 Spartan Points System

At each Spartan Race, an Elite, Age Group or Open competitor may, upon completing the race, receive a score that is calculated using our Spartan Points System. These scores are then tabulated into various leader boards for many of our global Spartan Series. In this document, the Spartan Points System is explained in detail.  

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Calculating your score: Elites
Calculating your score: Age Group
Calculating your score: Open
General Information 

Calculating your score: Elites

When racing in the Elite category, an athlete's race score is calculated using what we call the "Fixed" point system. Points are assigned based on finish place per gender.
Example: the 1st place M and F athletes are awarded 300 points, 2nd place M/F are awarded 299 points, 3rd place M/F are awarded 298 points, and so on.
Note that elite athletes finishing below the 300th place will receive no points.

All races are scored evenly regardless of course distance. i.e. 1st place M/F elite is awarded 300 points regardless of whether he/she is racing a Sprint, Super or Beast/Ultra event (there is no weighting factor adjustment). There is also no age group division in Elite.


Calculating your score: Age Group

When racing in the Age Group category, an athlete's Age Group race score is calculated using what we call the "Standard" point system. Points are calculated based on the Age Group Rank of athletes for a total of 1000 points. 

For any given race, an athlete’s Age Group Score is calculated as following:

Athlete’s Age Group Score =

1000 * ( 1st Place Age Group Finish Time / Athlete’s Current Finish Time )


1st Place on AG M30-34, finish time of 1:00:00, -> 1000 x ( 60 / 60 ) = 1000.00 points

2nd Place on AG M30-34, finish time of 1:03:00, -> 1000 x ( 60 / 63 ) = 952.38 points

3rd Place on AG M30-34, finish time of 1:12:00, ->  1000 x ( 60 / 72 ) = 833.33 points

244th Place on AG M30-34, finish time of 3:45:00 -> 1000 x ( 60 / 225 ) = 266.66 points

Note: Points may be rounded to the nearest decimal.

Starting with all 2019 series - points are aggregated without making any adjustments (weight factor) for different distance races. In other words, athletes racing a Sprint, Super, Beast/Ultra events that make part of any given series will receive a net score according to the formula represented above without any adjustments other than rounding up to the nearest decimal.

New for 2019:

As of January 1st 2019, athlete’s age group brackets will be determined by their age on Dec 31st, 2019. Age Groups will be divided into the following new brackets:


    1. 14-17 (15-17 in CEU)
    2. 18-24
    3. 25-29
    4. 30-34
    5. 35-39
    6. 40-44
    7. 45-49
    8. 50-54
    9. 55-59
    10. 60+

More Age Group category details here!


Calculating your score: Open

While athletes in the Open category are not eligible for prizes, or for accruing points in order to qualify to certain Championship events, we do give Open athletes points for completed races following the same rules and age group brackets as set for the Age Group category . This allows athletes to compare their competitiveness level with the rest of the field and determine if they are ready to take on the next level by moving up to the Age Group category.

NOTE: In order for your results to be properly tabulated into your profile and Spartan Point System, you will need to "claim" all your results through Athlinks and make sure all your relevant races are grouped under one Athlinks profile. You can find out how to do that here, as well as fix common Athlinks profile problems.


General Information:

Where Can I see my Points and Ranking?
Check out our points and ranking page, here.  You may view by overall, series, category, gender or a number of other combinations. 

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