I Want To Race On Saturday, Or In A Heat That Is Sold Out/Closed.

Sorry, but once a day is sold out or a heat is sold out, we cannot add you in. We list and promote our races for many, many months and once a race day is sold out or a heat time is sold out, it is gone. For safety reasons, we can only allow so many racers on a course in a day; if we're at that number, we will not be able to squeeze in your friend, teammate or spouse, no matter how much we'd like to. To prevent this, we encourage you to sign up yourself and your team as early as possible. We offer Race Day and Last Minute registration whenever we can, but if an event is Sold Out to capacity, these options will not be available. 

If a heat is password protected, that means the heat is not available to the public. These spots are reserved and we do not give out the passwords.

If you have an Annual Pass you will need to sign up on race day, as once an event is sold out we are not able to keep online registration open. Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour before you desired heat, however bear in mind you are not guaranteed a specific start time and will be subject to heat capacities. 

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