Please Explain The Wave Start Time System


Starts of Spartan Race are organized run off by small groups (waves) in certain intervals (heats) not as marathon where all starts together. The heat time is taken during the registration.  The registration form displays for each heat:

  • start time of the heat
  • the name of the heat
  • indication of the capacity - how many slots are available in the heat.


1. Start times

Start time are fixed.  Spartan usually never change any start times at race day.  Morning events  can start at  7, 8, 9 or 10am. Usually Beasts and Ultras start earlier Sprint and Super later.  In an especially large number of runners, the times of start waves can change and can also begin at 6:00 in the morning.



Waves will be released usually every 30 minutes, but the period may be shortened to 15 minutes or less. In an especially large number of runners, or due to epidemic restrictions  intervals  can change and can also be every 5 minutes.


2. Names of the heats


The first two waves are Elite Heat separately for men (Heat Elite Men), and for women (Heat Elite Women) 15 minutes later. Elite waves are more expensive and additional fee 15 € is required.



After Elite heats follow Age Group heats. Age Group waves can run mixed gender - all depends on amount of registered people in this category. Access to this heats cost additional 10 €



This one heat is available for every body who wants to run among first open runners. Available for  mixed gender, individuals and teams. Additional fee is 8€.



After "First Open Heat" follow two  or three "STG Heats". STG  waves are special waves for members - only Spartan Training Groups from each city. Heats are allowed for teams only. Access to these heats are protected by password. Members of any STG group have discounted tickets. There is no additional fee to these heats.



Other waves that start right after STG  heats. Open Heats can be occupied by both men and women together, individuals or teams. Some of the Open Heats may be locked by password. This are special waves just for sponsors and partners of the event.


3. Capacity

The regular wave has usually capacity of 250 runners, but can be less due to various restrictions.

Elite heats capacity are smaller the Open heats capacity.


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